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Below are commonly asked questions we receive concerning our firewood along with our answers. Should you not find what you are looking for then feel free to get in touch with us.

Why buy firewood from us?

We provide the best hardwood as we can cherry pick our wood from our sister company Brookmans Park Tree Surgery. This means we are recycling all of the timber that is cut down meaning both companies are 99% efficient in recycling which keeps our CO2 carbon footprint as low as possible.

What is the weight of a bag of logs?

Due to the various hardwood trees used to fill the bulk bags, the recycled wood is therefore different in weight from bag to bag. Weight typically ranges from 220kg – 260kg.

What is the size of our log bags?

Our large bags are roughly around 1 cubic meter and all logs are loosely placed into the bags.

What are the sizes of the logs / firewood?

As our logs are from our sister company, Brookmans Park Tree Surgery and are recycled from gardens, schools, golf courses and large estates mostly from Hertfordshire the logs are all shapes and size ranging from 5" - 12" (12cm - 30cm).

What’s the firewood moisture content?

Our seasoned hard wood logs have a moisture content ranging from 10% to 20%

Our kiln dried firewood has an even lower moisture content at 10% or lower - this leaves a clean crisp flame that helps prevent the chimney and glass on your wood burner from sooting up.

What is ‘Kiln dried’ firewood?

These are logs that has been force dried in kilns rather than dried naturally or more commonly known as ‘seasoning’ over a period of time. The aim is to get the logs to below 10% moisture content which is what they need to be for the optimum burn.

What hardwood logs are used for our seasoned firewood?

We cherry pick all of our recycled logs from our sister company Brookmans Park Tree Surgery taking only take the best woods such as Oak, Hornbeam, Beech and Birch, along with native fruit trees; Ash, Elm, Yew and Sycamore.

Is our firewood suitable for Pizza Ovens?

Both seasoned and kiln dried logs can be used, however we recommend kiln dried firewood for a better burn and more even temperature.

What's the best firewood for chimneys?

You can use either seasoned or kiln dried logs. Kiln dried firewood will burn better as it has less moisture content, consquently having less sap in the wood produces less smoke and keeps the chimney cleaner for longer.

How long does it take to deliver the firewood?

In most cases we deliver the next day and in the worst-case scenario, it is within a week.

Do we deliver on Saturdays?

Yes, we deliver on Saturdays.

How should I store the firewood?

Your firewood should be kept with a waterproof cover on the top of the stack but with open sides and raised off the ground. Our 1m3 and 2m3 pallets are ready-made log stores requiring only a waterproof cover top and they are FREE. Alternatively, you can store your delivered firewood in a well-ventilated shed or garage.

What size is the lorry you use for delivery?

Our lorries are the smallest of its kind at 3.5 tons, similar to the size of a large 4x4 vehicle.

Do we stack your firewood?

If you wish to make a request for logs to be stacked, please call the office on 01707 229232 to organise. We may charge extra for this.

How far do you move the logs from the delivery point / lorry?

We will only be able to move the logs up to 5 meters maximum from delivery on a level surface. Due to the size of the large bag(s), they will not fit through regular gateways or doorways.

Does Herts Firewood sell wet wood?

We do not sell wet wood as it creates smoke and harmful particulates when burned. It also causes the chimney or the wood burner's flue pipe to clogg up more quickly from the sap contained within the wet wood - this greatly increases the chances of an unwanted fire.

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